Email Marketing Integration

As your online curator, and Maine’s premier online business partner, Dojo Digital has aligned ourselves with industry leaders in email marketing. Using our in-depth knowledge, and user-friendly e-mail marketing integration options, we are able to create the perfect marriage of strategy and functionality.

The Knowledge

As with any aspect of your online business partnership with Dojo Digital, our mission is to maximize the outcome of your online marketing goals. Utilizing your knowledge of the industry you are in, Dojo Digital will work closely with you to refine your goal, and give you the tools to cultivate a strategy that will strengthen your email marketing campaigns and get more email list opt-ins.

The Tools

The use of email marketing integration tools along side your company website, can elevate your online marketing efforts, and dramatically increase online revenue. Partnering with the best in email marketing integration services, Dojo Digital recommends the best tools to setup powerful email marketing campaigns. These powerful tools deliver the ability to easily create newsletters, promotions, and announcements. Create interactive campaigns to keep your e-mail list engaged, and coming back.

We’ll work with you on your marketing goals, to increase traffic and elevate conversions turning that traffic into leads.