Dojo Digital Dedicated Servers

Our Dedicated Cloud Server Specifications

  • 99.9% Network Uptime SLA
  • High Bandwidth – Perfect for high traffic websites that require large amounts of web space & data transfer.
  • Daily Server Back-Ups
  • Daily Website Back-Ups offsite on Amazon S3 Storage
  • Onsite Generator Backup
  • Primary Server Location : New York, USA
  • Service Provider: DigitalOcean
  • Technicians  monitor our hardware 24/7/365. In the rare case that any of your hardware fails, they will promptly replace it.

Security Security Security

Each server provisioned by Dojo Digital is security-hardened from the word go. SSH login is disabled for the root user. The firewall only allows connections to Nginx and SSH and failed attempts are monitored and blocked when the reach a threshold. Nginx is configured to defend against XSS, clickjacking, MIME sniffing, and other attacks. Software security updates are installed automatically.

When we install a site, a free Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS certificate will be acquired, installed, and configured for your site. And Dojo Digital will handle certificate renewals as well, so you hardly need to think about certificates.

We install security updates as soon as they are available to reduce the likelihood a software vulnerability putting your server at risk.

Security Isolation for Sites

For each site that you add to our server, a new system user is created for that site. All site files are owned by the site user and a PHP-FPM pool is configured to run as that user as well. Each site only has access to its files.

Cache All the Things

One of the keys to a great performing WordPress site is caching. All sites are set up with Redis object caching to greatly reduce database requests. And with the check of a box you can enable full-page caching to serve pages lightning fast without even hitting PHP.