Dojo Digital Office moves in with Camden National Bank.

Dojo Digital has moved. Don’t worry, we didn’t move very far, just across the street! We’re now located at 178 Court Street Ste 2, Auburn, Maine.

We were at the Engine House for some time, and when the building sold we were so happy to find a new location just across the street in the same building as Camden National Bank.

Honestly, moving just across the street was a much larger task than we expected.  It’s been a rugged month long process, and we apologize if we’ve been a bit slower to respond in recent weeks.

Randy had the great idea to build and finish new desk tops and a conference table ourselves. They came out better than expected and we were happy just to not have to move old ones to the new office!

One of our upcoming projects at Dojo Digital, is to make sure our clients websites are readable and searchable by artificial intelligence/robots like Amazon Echo, Cortana, Apple’s Siri or Google Home. So the ninja nerds couldn’t help outfitting the new office to work with Google Home!

Special Thanks

Randy Runnels,for spending so much of his own time on the new look and feel of the offices.

The Brand Collective for a thank you gift that turned into an office warming present, thank you for the warm comments.

Michael Malloy for putting up with the noise, dust and debris. The Malloy Firm are our new neighbors.

Gamache and Lessard, we LOVE our new window blinds.

Lastly, thanks to all our great clients for being patient with us during the transition, we’re back to paying work and looking forward to continuing with our new projects and customer service.

Warm Regards,

The team at Dojo Digital